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Surgeon general's warning: not for the pregnant, elderly, or faint of heart.
SO, I really need to get better at posting stuff. Seriously, it's been like six months or something crazy like that.

In all seriousness though, life is awesome.

I've been working my ass off lately, but I finally got my college apps in, so I can have some of my life back. I'm going to NY anime fest december 7-9. It's super sick, the GeekNights guys are gonna be there, and they're pretty much my favorite podcast ever. Period. My anime club has threatened me into going as Sanji, and go I must. Ali-chan is gonna be Luffy, Yuki-chan is gonna be Robin, we want to get Niki-chan to go as Zolo, and I think that's as far as we've gotten.

I'm super psyched, I'm searching for a wig this weekend, and I'm going to try to find a double breasted jacket and some matching black slacks. Also, finding a thin tie is harder than I thought it would be, I may just end up having to pin a wider one down.

Well, I'll try to remember to post more eventually.



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Sooo, I haven't posted for two weeks because I've been working my butt off, but Amanda is mad that I haven't posted, so this one is for her.

I went to the Scope international art fair yesterday because my friend Jeffrey was exhibiting with the Samson Projects. SO, it was pretty much totally awesome. Some of the art there was juvenile in my opinion, but there was something there for everyone, except for little kids, because there was too much death and too many naked people to allow little kids in there, in my opinion. But, it was still amazing. I met a couple of really awesome people, and I got to hang out at a wicked cool opening as a VIP because I was the guest of an artist.

Other than that I've been working on papers and other such fun *coughnotcough* things.

I went out to lunch today with Amanda, and its getting really hilarious how much we have in common. We were sitting there staring at a fruit salad, and both of us were thinking "god, I really don't like melon" and we both ended up saying it, and it was really kinda funny.

Also, on an unrelated note, I get to go to a hockey game with a good friend of mine tomorrow, and I'm wicked excited! I love hanging out with friends.

On a slightly related note to the above comment, Amanda, since I know youre reading this, I was wondering, since we have an extra ticket for a game next saturday, would you be interested in attending it with me and my family? Text me or call or whatever with your answer, or just tell me on monday.

love and kisses to all

Yu-chan (Ash)

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My IM service has been down for a couple of days, and I'm not really sure why. I tried untinstalling and re-installing it a few times, but that hasn't seemed to work.

I got my semester grades back today, which shall not be revealed, but I'm thankful to say that I'm not failing anything!

I hung out with Amanda for a while, but we didn't get to go out to lunch like we wanted because today was house lunch day (ewwww). We were thinking about going to get coffee, but then we decided that neither of our houses would enjoy it if we were late, considering they already didn't make us come until one anyway, so we thought better of it and hung out on five for a while.

It was upsetting though, I didn't get to see the boy that I'm apparentally in love with (not really, but I do like him). But, I did see Ali-chan, and we group-glomped Brianne because she didnt want it, but we like to do that anyway.

But thats besides the point. I think Amanda and I are going out to lunch tomorrow, but I might want to postpone that until Monday because mis amigos in Tech club are showing Pirates of Silicon Valley and I love that movie so freaking much. <3 besides, they're providing free popcorn and carbonated beverages. And it gives me an excuse to hang out in the compsci lab.

I just realized exactly how random this posting is. I guess I'm just free associating because I'm bored and procrastinating because I really don't feel like working on my history paper and, well, yeah, because I really don't feel like working on my history paper.

I think I'll go do a crossword or sudoku or something



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My mother has decided that I am the strangest person that she knows. Although, her decision of this fact is not made on any logical basis. I'm not strange because I've decided to become a furry, or because I've decided that art is my passion and I will follow it, or because I love videogames, or anime, or because I cosplay, or build robots, or like to read, or eat sushi, or sometimes talk in a british accent, or like to blow up grapefruits with baking soda, or have a wealth of random knowledge so wide I can answer most of the rediculous questions posted in my science classes, or sometimes watch TV upside down because it gives me a new perspective on things.

No, she has decided that I am strange because I like green jello. According to her sane people can do all of the other things I have mentioned above, but no one who is even remotely normal could possibly consider eating green jello and not puking. I, however, fail to understand the logic of her thought process. Because I like green jello I must therefore be completely crazy. Well, so what? I do not dispute the fact that I'm probably completely nuts (and neither does my therapist), but I don't think I'm crazy because I like green jello. In fact, I consider that to be one of the more normal things about my personality.

In short, unless you enjoy feasting on tasty baby flesh or drink the blood of another human being I don't think that what you eat makes you crazy. Unless you eat something poisonous, in which case you'll go crazy and then die. But I think you get my point.

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I learned through high school.

I learned that the answer really is 42
that penguins are harbingers of doom
that all of the men in my life keep getting killed by candarian demons
that I am a clone of my human phys teacher
that we are looking for all real numbers except for the secret one
that if you snort coke and are still morbidly obese you're getting ripped off
that attics are places reserved for roaches and rats . . . oh, and serial killers
that fungus can cause you to become a zombie
that in case of a zombie attack I have two words: battle axe
that Mah Jong is the only place where racism and sexism are allowed, except for Japan
that many a skank-hoe abounds
that one should never sleep with a poet
that our thinking is good because joo = n00b
that cats aren't always evil
that in order to bring down a government all that is needed are trebuchets and acid-tipped arrows
that hockey is more fun with your protege
that chinese movie subtitles are definitely not trustworthy
that videogames can be a way of life not to be ashamed of
that scritching in just the right spot behind someone's ear makes them extremely happy
that cowboys are hot if they aren't missing too many teeth
that KTHXBAI is apparentally a cryptic message
that Robert Mapplethorpe "Ph..photographs ho-mo erotica!"
that diet coke with splenda pwns
that jolt gum pwns diet coke with splenda
that your mom is rated E . . . FOR EVERYONE!
that Peyton is the better brother
that you have to be 21 to do anything fun in vegas, unless you are me and live in arcades
that marshmallows make good weapons
that chainmaille is everyday attire
that cat ears only get you looked at in certain neighborhoods
that cat ears do mean cat calls
that cadavers don't make good friends
that tattoos can apparentally be removed with cream
that Jackson Pollus IS Garth from Wayne's World
that bulls are adorable
that rolling for initiative only sometimes gets you in trouble with your friends
that puffins are lower in the evolutionary chain than penguins
that "beat your wife Potvan, beat your wife" really is the best hockey cheer
that if you save the cheerleader you save the world
that food network makes you hungry, even when you aren't
that gold diggers are hookers, only smarter
that if I ever want to survive a serial killer attack I have to dye my hair blond and stay a virgin

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All blame for this goes to Finn. All of it. <3

What Kind Of Furry Are You?

You are an anime furry!Chances are, you found furry after ogling catgirls/catbois in some hentai or yaoi. You almost certainly still watch Naruto and are always trying to introduce your less aware furry friends to series like Neon Genesis Evangelion and Ghost In The Shell: Standalone complex. You are the furry who greets everyone with *glomps* and types ^.^ >.< or ^^; at the end of most sentences.
Take this quiz!

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So, a few days ago I went to the Zoo with my friends Ali-chan and Sarah. After our first midterm the three of us went out to lunch at a diner a few blocks from school and then decided that going to the zoo would be a totally freaking awesome idea, and as much as I hate seeing animals in cages, its the only place I can see sea lions, seals, otters, polar bears, penguins, red pandas, and puffins while living in the middle of New York City. So, we went around naming the animals, one of the sea lions was Jeffrey, the monkeys were named Rod, Gilbert, and Tammy, the red panda was named Toki-kun (and damn you central park zoo, he will be OURS!!), one of the penguins was ali-chan junior, and one of them was Yu-chan junior, but mostly, I'm here to talk about the puffins. Puffins, according to Ali-chan, are primitive penguins who are just too lazy to finish evolving. Therefore, as we finished going through the penguin exhibit, the puffins were at the end, so we got there, and Ali-chan stopped and stared for a second before beginning to rant on the fact that puffins are laaaazy and terrible creatures who should stop being so lazy and just evolove already. Funniest part of the whole thing is that by the end of her five minute speech we had about seven puffins swimming into the glass in front of us, trying to get through to us I guess. I guess thats all I have to say for now. Therefore, I am off.


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So yeah. I didn't even realize I had a livejournal. Like schwoah. So, today I started in in a fursuit design, and it shall be my first attempt at something this big, but I sew and sculpt a lot, so I can't say I'm too too worried. Besides, with the help of some online tutorials and Finn, I'm not worried at all. But yeah. Midterms started on friday, so I'm all worried about that, the english midterm wasn't bad, but American history is scaring the crap out of me, mostly because if I don't do well I'm royally screwed for the semester. Math should be fine, precalc is pretty easy once you memorize a few things. And human phys is another class I'm aceing, so I'm not terribly freaked about that. But, back to my adventures into the world of furries. I entirely blame Finn for this one. Completely. For fursuits and chainmaille. But, its a good thing to blame on him, so I can't say I'm angry at all. Well, I could, but I'd be lying. So, based on my nickname, well, one of my many nicknames, I'm gonna be a cat (yay!) Black and neon blue (because bright colors and shiny things attract me) But like woah. I think I'm gonna be working on this for a while. Exam relief day I'm probably gonna go down to the fashion district and pick up some fabric and faux fur to start working. And I get to break out my sewing machine again, huzzah! ^_^ I haven't used it in a while, because I was banned from sewing a few years ago when I managed to sew all of my brothers pants together without him noticing..... *shifty eyes* Any ways, I do believe that to be enough for now, so off I go to do other fun things, like updating my profile, etc.

mucho loves

Ash, AKA Yukari, AKA, kitten, AKA, well, just about anything else

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